Twist Scourer Pads – 2 Pack

The Twist Scouring Pads are the perfect abrasive tool for tough scrubbing on any surface. The Twist Scouring Pads are dye-free and plant-based, and pack a punch that rivals the conventional plastic green scouring pads. Scrub hard, and respect the planet while doing it.


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Ingredients: 100% renewable plant materials.

Made in Mexico.

Use and care: Does not disinfect surfaces. Rinse thoroughly before and after use. Please test first with light pressure to determine whether surfaces may scratch. Not for aquarium use.

Plastics. Chemical dyes. Artificial colours. They’re in your kitchen but not in the Twist Scourer Pads, which shows its true colours: unbleached, undyed white cellulose and it’s totally plant based.

Measures: 152mm x 96.5mm.


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