We might be a little organic company but we’ve got big dreams!

The Little Organic Co. is committed to building communities that care – about themselves, their families and the future.

As a boutique Brisbane-based organic supplier and wholefood co-operative, The Little Organic Co. uses collective buying power to make choosing natural and organic products more affordable and accessible, thereby helping more people in the community live healthier and happier lives.

All products are available for purchase online, with collection available from locations on Brisbane’s Northside, including Everton Park and Sandgate. Shop now!


Organic Madagascan Vanilla Beans – 2 Pack


Sensual, fragrant and with a hint of chocolatey or fruity aromas, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla is the best of the vanillas. Fully certified organically grown, this vanilla is supplied in protective glass tubes, the traditional way, to hold in the amazing aroma and taste.

Eco Max Rectangular Hemp Soap Saver


An intricately hand crocheted Hemp Soap Saver is a beautiful, plastic-free, convenient soap option for your bathroom which allows you to never waste a scrap of soap. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and strong, an ideal natural material for a soap saver bag. Measures 16cm x 14cm.

Eco Max Scrubbing Brush


A Japanese inspired plastic free scrubbing brush, Eco Max have mixed two vegetable fibres together onto a rounded, comfort grip FSC certified rubber wood base to make the ultimate natural scrub brush. Tampico, a form of cactus, is a strong yet softer fibre and gives a good overall clean, it absorbs more water than any other natural fibre and releases it as you scrub. Rice root is naturally springy, slightly curly and extremely tough, which gives the Scrub Brush that extra strength for hard scouring.

Organic Brown Rice Puffs


Organic puffed brown rice is a great breakfast cereal alternative that is naturally free from gluten. They are made by applying heat and pressure to the whole grain to make light rice puffs. Enjoy as a cereal bowl or even use in healthy snacks or desserts.


Organic Besan Flour


Organic besan flour is also known as chickpea flour or gram flour.  It is a protein-rich, gluten-free flour, stone milled from ground chickpeas.  Organic besan flour is pale yellow in colour with a strong nutty flavour, making it popular in savoury dishes and Indian cooking.

Organic Quick Oats


Organic quick oats are made from 100% wholegrain oats and are cut and rolled thinly to achieve a quicker cooking time.  Oats are high in beta-glucan, a soluble fibre making them a nutritious, tasty start to the morning.  Ideally they are used to make a hot, creamy bowl of porridge in half the time.

Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour


Organic wholemeal spelt flour is produced from organic spelt, a highly nutritious ancient cereal grain with a delicious nutty flavour. It is wheat free but does contain gluten. The gluten in spelt is more soluble than wheat gluten, therefore making it easier to digest.

Well & Good Gluten Free Plain Flour


Well and Good’s gluten free plain flour is the answer for all your gluten free baking creations and favourite recipes. This flour is extremely popular in bakeries around Australia and is a best seller. It is made with a special blend of ingredients to perform just like wheat based flours.