We might be a little organic company but we’ve got big dreams!

The Little Organic Co. is committed to building communities that care – about themselves, their families and the future.

As a boutique Brisbane-based organic supplier and wholefood co-op, The Little Organic Co. uses collective buying power to make choosing natural and organic products more affordable and accessible, thereby helping more people in the community live healthier and happier lives.

All products are available for purchase online, with collection available from locations on Brisbane’s Northside, including Everton Park and Sandgate. Shop now!


Beauty and the Bees Pet Shampoo Bar


You like to keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing with the very best natural chemical free skin and bodycare products for yourself, right? As Australia’s leading producer of premium quality skincare products, Beauty and the Bees have bowed to pressure and produced the 100% chemical-free pet shampoo bar.

Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar


The Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar is a rich conditioning shampoo bar perfect for nourishing dry hair and ‘taming the fizz’ for people with curly or hard to manage hair.

Cheeki Stainless Steel Single Wall Drink Bottle – 750ml


The Cheeki single wall stainless steel drink bottles are totally leak-proof, plastic and BPA-free. The lids have a quick twist and soft silicone close and are cup holder friendly. Cheeki creates healthy, sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic. There is no excuse for single use.

Cheeki Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler – 500ml


The Cheeki reusable tumblers are BPA-free, eco-friendly and environmentally safe. The portable cold insulated tumblers are perfect for travel and commute and keep drinks cold for up to six hours. Cheeki creates healthy, sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic. There is no excuse for single use.


Organic Dried Goji Berries


Organic goji berries are one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods. They work to strengthen the immune system and provide important antioxidant protection from free radicals in our bodies. Goji berries are a nutritious healthy snack. Eat them as they are or add them to your favourite trail mix, cereal, muesli or smoothie. Soaked in hot water they make a delicious tea.

Organic Raw Walnuts Whole & Halves


These organic raw walnuts pieces are on average 30% halves and the rest are full walnut kernels. Walnuts are a rich source of several rare and powerful antioxidants, they contain cancer-fighting properties, and are beneficial for heart and brain health.  They make a nutritious snack, and are a great addition to mueslis, salads, stir-frys and nut mixes.


Pukka Organic Tea – Elderberry and Echinacea


Sanctuary is expecting you. Let yourself fall into a deep bed of ripe wild fruits: purple-black elderberries, inky blackcurrants – blessed by the fragrant FairWild elderflower and touched by the tingling notes of echinacea. Safe in your fruity refuge, you’ll be ready for anything. Stay warm and well.