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Beauty and the Bees Pet Shampoo Bar


You like to keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing with the very best natural chemical free skin and bodycare products for yourself, right? As Australia’s leading producer of premium quality skincare products, Beauty and the Bees have bowed to pressure and produced the 100% chemical-free pet shampoo bar.

Bicarbonate Soda (Baking soda)


Bicarb soda, or sodium bicarbonate is used for a variety of cooking and cleaning uses. Also known as baking soda in recipes, it is a pure raising agent and used often in gluten-free cooking.

Biotuff Compostable Bin Liner 60L – 25 Pack


Domestic biodegradable and compostable rubbish bin bag liners, manufactured using renewable resources, plant base thermoplastic corn starch resins. Biotuff compostable bags are an environmentally friendly alternative for sustainability. Bag size 80cm x 65cm.

Biotuff Dog Waste Bags


Biotuff compostable dog waste bags deliver high product performance. They’re extra strong and tough, are heat resistant and leak proof. Biotuff compostable dog waste bags can be composted in aerobic industrial composting facilities. By turning it into compost, you condition the soil for improved plant growth.

Bon Ami Natural Powder Cleanser


For a classic clean.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser has been a household favorite since 1886, largely due to our effective formula with no harsh chemicals. Feel confident using Bon Ami around family and pets. This powder cleanser excels at cleaning everything from dried-on food to scuff marks and is gentle enough for most hard surfaces.

Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitiser – Lavender


Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitiser kills germs with a simple formula: organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic lavender oil, and organic glycerin—that’s it! None of the nasty chemicals you find in conventional sanitisers, but just as effective.

Eco Basics Bamboo Cloth – 3 Pack


The Eco Basics Bamboo Cloth (3 Pack) is the ultimate eco-friendly solution for your cleaning needs. Made from 100% plant-based materials, specifically bamboo fibre, these cloths are not only highly absorbent but also renewable, anti-bacterial, and resistant to odors and stains. Embrace sustainable cleaning practices with these biodegradable and reusable cloths.

Eco Basics Bamboo Washing Up Pad – 2 Pack


The perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal. Made from 100% plant-based materials, including bamboo fibre and cellulose sponge, these pads offer a sustainable and effective way to tackle dishwashing and kitchen cleaning tasks. With their anti-bacterial properties, odour and stain resistance, and high absorbency, these pads are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning sponges.

Eco Max Dish Brush


The Eco Max Dish Brush is handmade from natural unbleached coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre sourced from the husk of the mature coconut.

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Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber


The Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber is a handmade natural alternative to nylon scourers. It is produced from unbleached coconut fibre and is naturally anti-bacterial so it won’t become smelly or mouldy.


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Eco Max Non-Stick Pan Brush


The Eco Max Non-Stick Pan Brush is handmade from natural sisal,, a form of cactus which has a softer fibre than coconut making it perfect for non-stick pans. The wire in the brush is galvanised to prevent rust.

Eco Max Toilet Brush


Handmade from naturally anti-bacterial unbleached coconut fibre, the Eco Max toilet brush will not become smelly or mouldy, making it an ideal natural fibre to use for cleaning your toilet.


Eco Turtles Antibacterial Copper Spiral Scrubs – 2 Pack


Elevate your kitchen hygiene with copper’s natural brilliance. Copper is a material that always stays shiny and thanks to its properties, inhibits the growth of bacteria. The Eco Turtles Copper Spiral Scrubs are excellent at tackling the most stubborn stains on pots, oven pans, grill racks, and barbecues. They do not rust and do not retain grease and odours.