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Aloe Vera of Australia Aloe Jelly


Aloe Jelly is an Australian organically grown aloe vera in its purest form with 98% pure inner leaf gel bursting with natural goodness. Containing 98% aloe vera, the plant’s natural nutrients are retained maximising quality, purity and efficiency. Traditionally praised for its medicinal properties, aloe vera is calming, soothing, moisturising and hydrating to the skin.

Amber Roller Bottle – 10ml


The 10ml amber roller bottles are the perfect size to make your own essential oil blends. Made with thick amber glass, they are sturdy and strong and ideal for applying essential oils to the skin.

Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse


The Apple Silk Clariying Rinse helps to remove the silicone plasticisers in commercial conditioners and the last residues of shampoo soap, without using vinegar. It includes the fruit acids found in lemons and apples, which are also used in foods for that mouth puckering sour taste, with real silk powder for an added smooth silky feel. It brightens and softens, to leave hair cuticles roughened by washing, flat and smooth for maximum shine potential.


Australian Hemp Seed Oil & Leatherwood Honey Shampoo Bar


A handmade, naturally chemical-free, solid shampoo bar that is enriched with plant and nut oils. The rich lather produced by this product will clean your hair and scalp thoroughly and gently. It is totally free from harsh synthetic detergents (e.g. SLS) that dry your hair and scalp and pollute you and the waterways. This unscented shampoo bar which contains Australian hemp seed oil and Leatherwood honey is perfect for those with sensitivities and dry, irritated scalp and hair. The essential fatty acids in the plant oils will hydrate, while the Leatherwood honey will soothe and heal the scalp.

Bamboo Toothbrush Case


Keep your toothbrush safe and clean with a bamboo travel case. Each travel case has small air holes to release moisture. It’s lightweight, reliable and perfect for your bamboo toothbrush.

Beauty and the Bees Pet Shampoo Bar


You like to keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing with the very best natural chemical free skin and bodycare products for yourself, right? As Australia’s leading producer of premium quality skincare products, Beauty and the Bees have bowed to pressure and produced the 100% chemical-free pet shampoo bar.

Charcoal Me Activated Coconut Charcoal


Charcoal Me uses the best coconut fibre and then steam activates it to create a high quality pharmaceutical grade activated coconut charcoal. Activated coconut charcoal can be used to whiten teeth, eliminate toxins, clear your skin and reduce bloating.