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Freestone Valley Farm Organic Free Range Eggs

The Freestone Valley Farm eggs are from a small family farm on the Darling Downs. The hens are moved around regularly on fresh pasture and have a hen to hectare ratio of 750/hens per hectare. They have plenty of space to roam and free to be chickens. Fed the best quality organic feed, these hens are happy hens!
**Collection only (in Brisbane) for this product**

Kehoe’s Kitchen Tasty Turmeric Cashew Cheese


Kehoe’s Kitchen delicious fermented probiotic vegan spreads are a great way to get probiotic foods into kids.  Before fermenting, cashew nuts are first soaked in reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water to break down the enzyme inhibitors.  They are then blended with various fresh organic produce and spices and fermented to create the delicious cheesy spreads Kehoes are now famous for.

**Requires refrigeration – click and collect only for this product (from Everton Park).