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Big Boys Organic Free Range Extra Jumbo Eggs


Big Boys Eggs are the largest organic egg on the market at 800 grams packed weight. They are supplied by a clear industry leader in animal welfare. The chickens have a large amount of land to roam free on with 1500 birds per hectare. **Available for collection only in Brisbane/Sandgate Farmers market.

Chef’s Choice Passata Rustica – Crushed Tomatoes


Chef’s Choice Certified Organic Passata Rustica is a superior tomato base made from the highest quality organic tomatoes hand picked and ripened under the beautiful Italian sun. Passata is the key ingredient in many pasta sauces, and also makes an excellent base for pizzas, curries and soups.

Ellerslie Farm Organic Free Range Eggs – 800g


The organic free range eggs from Elerslie Farm are laid by hens that range freely on organic, chemical free pastures with a maximum density of 1500 hens per hectare when outdoors. The hens are fed a nutritious organic mix that is free from genetically modified plants.

Kehoe’s Kitchen Beetroot & Ginger Sauerkraut


Kehoe’s Kitchen delicious Beetroot & Ginger sauerkraut is a far cry from the traditional cooked German sauerkraut you may imagine when you hear the word “sauerkraut”. It is fresh, crunchy, raw and probiotic. This multi award winning product has a the perfect balance of locally grown cabbage and sweet beetroot combined with Australian ginger and sea salt. Fermented using traditional methods, it’s got a good tang, and an earthy, yet sweet tone.

**Available for collection only from Everton Park/Sandgate Farmers Market

Kehoe’s Kitchen Tasty Turmeric Cashew Cheese


Kehoe’s delicious fermented probiotic vegan spreads are a great way to get probiotic foods into kids.  Before fermenting, cashew nuts are first soaked in reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water to break down the enzyme inhibitors.  They are then blended with various fresh organic produce and spices and fermented to create the delicious cheesy spreads Kehoes are now famous for.

**Available for collection only from Everton Park/Sandgate Farmers Market