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Almonds Raw Insecticide Free


Insecticide Free Almonds are 100% Australian grown without the use of artificial or synthetic insecticides and pesticides. With a high protein, fibre and vitamin E content, these nutritious nuts are fantastic in cooking, baking and for snacking.

Blanched Whole Almonds


These almonds are 100% Australian and are blanched without the use of chemicals. Unroasted and unsalted, these almonds are perfect for creating nut butters, milks, baked goods, trail mixes, mueslis and more.

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Ceres Organics Peanut Butter – 300g


In this jar of nutty goodness, Ceres Organics simply take certified organic peanuts, lightly roast them, then crush them into a rich creamy spread with just a touch of natural sea salt. That’s it! Slather over your favourite snack or blend into smoothies or sauces.

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Ceres Organics Salted Caramel Smooth Peanut Butter


Ceres Organics Salted Caramel Peanut Butter is a secret blend of organic ingredients with a good dash of natural sea salt. Nutty, sweet and salty, it’s smooth spoon-licking goodness. You’ll taste the organic difference!


Kehoe’s Kitchen Tasty Turmeric Cashew Cheese


Kehoe’s Kitchen delicious fermented probiotic vegan spreads are a great way to get probiotic foods into kids.  Before fermenting, cashew nuts are first soaked in reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water to break down the enzyme inhibitors.  They are then blended with various fresh organic produce and spices and fermented to create the delicious cheesy spreads Kehoes are now famous for.

**Requires refrigeration – click and collect only for this product (from Everton Park).

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Maple Roasted Insecticide Free Almonds


Australian-grown almonds that have been lightly roasted with a splash of maple syrup. They are crunchy, slightly sweet (but not too sweet), and perfect for snacking at the office or on-the-go!

Organic Blanched Almond Flour


This almond flour is produced from certified organic almonds and blanched without the use of chemicals. You may notice the occasional fleck of almond skin through the nut flour which is an exception to the entire batch due to the unavoidable process required to blanch them without the use of chemicals.

Organic Brazil Nuts


Brazil nuts are the seed of the rainforest Amazonian tree Bertholettia Excelsa. They have a rich creamy taste, similar in texture to the coconut, and are a natural source of selenium, protein and fibre.

Organic Deluxe Nibble Mix


The Deluxe Organic Nibble Mix is a delicious blend of organic sunflower seeds, sultanas, pepitas, almonds, cranberries and raisins. Sprinkle the mix on top of your favourite salad, yoghurt, cereal or enjoy as a nutritious snack!

Organic Hazelnuts


Organic Hazelnuts have a rich, indulgent flavour which is famously paired with chocolate. They are also commonly used in muesli, cakes, desserts, trail mixes and more. Hazelnuts are a natural source of protein, dietary fibre and vitamins E and B.

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Organic Raw Almonds


Organic almonds provide a natural source of protein, dietary fibre and vitamin E. They also help boost energy, are anti-inflammatory, strengthen the immune system, are great for bone, heart and brain health and aid in regulating cholesterol. Almonds have a delightful creamy texture and are a very versatile ingredient.

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Organic Raw Australian Macadamia Nuts


These raw organic macadamias are native Australian, and make a delicious snack. They are packed full of nutrients, vitamin B1, magnesium, manganese and thiamin. Macadamia nuts are relatively low in carbohydrates and protein, and high in oleic acid and omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid, the same fatty acid found in olive oil.

Organic Raw Cashews


Organic cashews are rich and creamy in flavour and texture. They have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 75% of this is unsaturated fatty acids which is mostly oleic acid, which promotes good cardiovascular health. They are high in copper, manganese, magnesium, tryptophan and phosphorus.

Organic Raw Walnuts Whole & Halves


These unroasted and unsalted organic walnut kernels have a slightly crunchy texture and mild earthy flavour. Walnuts are an exceptionally nutritious nut – often reffered to as brain food and not just because they resemble a brain! They also make a crunchy addition to baked goods, muesli, trail mixes and more!