Pukka Organic Tea – Breathe In

Clear your senses with the expertly blended Breathe In tea. Find a moment of relief with the refreshing aroma of mint and eucalyptus, the warming sensation of ginger and the soothing support of honey. Inhale the steam to refresh and drink to soothe. Created by herbal experts and nutritionists, our Breathe In tea combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom to naturally support you when you need a helping hand. Cool mint and eucalyptus work together to help you find your breath again, clearing your senses, whilst the stimulating effects of ginger warm you up from within. Perfect for everyday support, the honey gives a delicate sweet and comforting finish.



Ingredients: Fieldmint leaf (28%), eucalyptus leaf (23%), ginger root (15%), lemon thyme leaf (13.5%), licorice root, aniseed, marshmallow root, honey flavour (3%), peppermint essential oil flavour (1.5%)

The optimum infusion time is between 5-10 minutes. If using freshly boiled water the herbs infuse fairly quickly (within 5-6 minutes) and steeping for longer will not increase the benefit of the herbs within the tea.


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