Orgone Effects Watch and Personal Tracker Harmonizer

The Watch and Personal Tracker Harmonizer is energetically infused with a negative charge resonance that is unique to Orgone Effects® which enables it to produce an opposing negative charge to the watch’s positive charge; the harmful component of the radiation.  This change in resonance to a healthy negative charge neutralizes the EMF thus preventing interference on the human meridian and nervous systems, and any resonant stress on organs.


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The Watch Harmonizer is 15mm in diameter and should be small enough for most Fitbits.  If you need to cut it down, it won’t lose any of its EMF neutralizing efficiency.

The permanent negative charge resonance of the Watch and Personal Tracker Harmonizer when attached to the back of a watch, balances the potentially harmful positive charge resonance of the metal backing and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from all small electronic devices.

  • Smart Watches
  • Sports Watches
  • Activity Trackers
  • Junior Trackers
  • Kids’ Fitness Trackers
  • Wireless Sport Headphones
  • GPS Units
  • Bluetooth Ear Pieces
  • PC Mouse
  • Hearing Aids

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