Munch Stainless Steel Pegs

Never purchase plastic clothes pegs again and instead buy something that will last a life time. Cheap plastic pegs will end up in landfill very quickly and never ever breakdown. By using the Munch stainless steel metal clothes pegs, you are making an environmentally friendly decision that will last a lifetime. Peg size: 58 x 12mm, 1.7 mm wire diameter.



SIZE They may look small but they are mighty strong! It can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind, no problem. It also can hold very thin & delicate clothes securely.

STRENGTH Made from MARINE GRADE pegs, so they last forever. And they will not get rusty.

STORAGE They come in a reusable linen cloth bag that you can use to store your pegs or reuse as a produce bag or to hold nuts or seeds etc.

MULTI- USE Not only handy for hanging out the washing these can be used for paper, photos, decorations, crafts and more.

Set: 20 in a linen bag

Stainless steel: 316 grade


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