Ground Coconut Soap

The coconuts are from an organic and sustainable source, and production in the purest form made simply with organic coconut oil, lye and water. No fragrance, no added enzymes, no phosphates, fillers, acids and no sodium lauryl. It is completely biodegradable, eco friendly, and dissolves so easily even in just warm water making it the ideal choice for cleansing, laundry and hand washing.

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Origin: Sri Lanka

Coconut oil has natural soothing properties, and is ideal for the most sensitive skin as it does not contain anything to irritate the skin, nor cause allergies, nor aggravate existing allergies.

Coconut Soap suggested uses – Laundry, All purpose cleaner, Glass cleaner, General all purpose Liquid cleaner.

Washing clothes: First blend with hot water and stir to dissolve fully. If using a washing machine, pour the mix into the agitator, or otherwise add it to the washing water.

Or blend equal parts Washing Soda, Borax and Coconut Soap. Mix with very hot water, and stir to dissolve fully. If using a washing machine, pour the mix into the agitator, or otherwise add it to the washing water.

Coconut Soap is very effective, and yet low in suds as it does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, which is the chemical added to commercial detergents to produce suds. It can therefore be used in front loaders, but use sparingly until you are confident on how much to use in your front loader. Use in front loaders at your own discretion. If in doubt, or you are concerned you will violate machine warranty, then probably best to use an alternative product.

It is advisable to wash with commercial detergents every 10th wash as modern washing machines require the detergents in commercial cleaners to remove any soap residue.

All Purpose Cleaner: The blend can be varied according to what you have on hand, but as a guide blend equal quantities of Coconut Soap with Borax and/or Bicarb Soda and/or Washing Soda. Dissolve in water & use on tubs, tiles, sinks, toilets, floors and counters.

General All Purpose Liquid Cleaner: The liquid version of the above recipe is the same ratios as ‘All purpose cleaner’ but blend into a couple of litres of very hot water, allow to cool and store in plastic container. Shake before use, and dilute accordingly. All purpose liquid cleaner could also be used as a liquid clothes wash.

Glass Cleaner: Use 1 tablespoon Coconut Soap to a litre of hot water. If you have hard water try adding Washing Soda or Bicarb Soda, as it will soften the water, and greatly enhance cleaning.


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