Eco Max Small Dry Body Brush


Ethically handmade from 100% natural sisal fibre, the Eco Max Dry Body Brush is a medium strength brush ideal for all over body brushing.

Eco Max Back Brush Long Handle


The Eco Max Back Brush has an ergonomically shaped extra-long handle to curve over the shoulder blade giving this brush excellent reach and with a large, full, brush head to give a rich lather.

Eco Max Palm Body Brush


The Eco Max Palm Body Brush is shaped to use in the shower as a wash and scrub sponge. Combine with your favourite soap to increase lather for an all over body scrub.

Eco Max Rectangular Hemp Soap Saver


An intricately hand crocheted Hemp Soap Saver is a beautiful, plastic-free, convenient soap option for your bathroom which allows you to never waste a scrap of soap. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and strong, an ideal natural material for a soap saver bag. Measures 16cm x 14cm.

Eco Max Scrubbing Brush


A Japanese inspired plastic free scrubbing brush, Eco Max have mixed two vegetable fibres together onto a rounded, comfort grip FSC certified rubber wood base to make the ultimate natural scrub brush. Tampico, a form of cactus, is a strong yet softer fibre and gives a good overall clean, it absorbs more water than any other natural fibre and releases it as you scrub. Rice root is naturally springy, slightly curly and extremely tough, which gives the Scrub Brush that extra strength for hard scouring.

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Eco Max Non-Stick Pan Brush


The Eco Max Non-Stick Pan Brush is handmade from natural sisal,, a form of cactus which has a softer fibre than coconut making it perfect for non-stick pans. The wire in the brush is galvanised to prevent rust.

Eco Max Dish Brush


The Eco Max Dish Brush is handmade from natural unbleached coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre sourced from the husk of the mature coconut.

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Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber


The Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber is a handmade natural alternative to nylon scourers. It is produced from unbleached coconut fibre and is naturally anti-bacterial so it won’t become smelly or mouldy.


Eco Max Dust Brush


The Eco Max Dust Brush is handmade from natural unbleached coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre which is antibacterial and will not become smelly or mouldy. The brush has a sustainable rubber wood handle which is sourced from rubber trees at the end of their productive life.



Eco Max Toilet Brush


Handmade from naturally anti-bacterial unbleached coconut fibre, the Eco Max toilet brush will not become smelly or mouldy, making it an ideal natural fibre to use for cleaning your toilet.