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Organic Cacao Powder


Organic cacao is picked from the tree and undergoes a natural fermentation process within its fruit-like pod before the bean is extracted. The beans are then dried, have their shells removed and are crushed into a paste. This paste is then pressed at low temperatures to separate the oils (cacao butter) from the fibre, which is finely milled and turned into velvety cacao powder.

Organic Deluxe Nibble Mix


The Deluxe Organic Nibble Mix is a delicious blend of organic sunflower seeds, sultanas, pepitas, almonds, cranberries and raisins. Sprinkle the mix on top of your favourite salad, yoghurt, cereal or enjoy as a nutritious snack!

Organic Desiccated Coconut


Organic Desiccated Coconut has all the natural flavour and aroma of the coconut, it is simply the coconut flesh dried and grated, without the use of sweeteners or preservatives. The copper in desiccated coconut maintains the health of your brain and activates enzymes responsible for the production of neurotransmitters. Desiccated coconut also offers many additional health benefits thanks to its iron and fibre content.

Organic Rolled Oats


These premium organic rolled oats are a modern day superfood, which have been lightly steamed to preserve their natural goodness. Due to their minimal processing, they may take longer to cook than other brands. This classic wholegrain is perfect for porridge, a cold muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt, or can be soaked overnight to make bircher muesli.