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Organic Madagascan Vanilla Beans – 2 Pack


Sensual, fragrant and with a hint of chocolatey or fruity aromas, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla is the best of the vanillas. Fully certified organically grown, this vanilla is supplied in protective glass tubes, the traditional way, to hold in the amazing aroma and taste.

Organic Maple Syrup


Sourced from Canada, this 100% organic maple syrup has no preservatives or additives. It is rated as Canadian No. 1 Amber (Grade A)  maple syrup, and is a delicious natural sweetener.

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Organic Popping Corn


Organic popcorn makes a delicious, light snack and is quick and easy to prepare. This particular variety of corn has a high, hard-starch content that “explodes” through the hull when heated to give excellent popping results. Popcorn can be enjoyed savoury or sweet.

Organic Puffed Buckwheat


Puffed buckwheat is a gluten-free breakfast cereal alternative. Made by applying heat and pressure to the whole grain to make these light puffs. They can be mixed with other puffed cereals, dried fruit, nuts and seeds to make a delicious and healthy breakfast option.

Organic Puffed Quinoa


Organic puffed quinoa is a naturally gluten-free whole grain with a mild toasted flavour. It is a natural source of high-quality protein, dietary fibre and contains valuable nutrients. Puffed quinoa can be enjoyed on its own, with milk or yoghurt, added to cereals, snacks, baked goods or tossed through a salad.

Organic Rapadura Sugar


Organic rapadura, also referred to as panela, is an unrefined sugar, popular for its unique caramel flavour, fine grain and beautiful golden colour. It is produced by simply evaporating water from the organic sugar cane juice.

Organic Raw Sugar


Organic raw sugar is produced from 100% organic sugar cane. The naturally granulated crystals are sandy to light brown in colour with a rich, complex flavour. Organic raw sugar is often used to sweeten drinks and in baking.

Organic Red Split Lentils


Organic red split lentils are a nutritious source of plant-based protein and fibre. These lentils cook quickly and are often used in cooking as they break down easily, and add great flavour and texture. Since they do not hold their shape well, red split lentils are perfect for curries, purees and soups. Often used in Indian cuisine.

Organic Shredded Coconut


Organic coconut shreds are made from organic coconut flesh which is simply dried and shredded. It is preservative-free, sulphur-free, cholesterol-free and high in fibre. Shredded coconut can be enjoyed raw or lightly roasted and are popular in desserts, trail mixes and cereals.

Organic Sol Ghee


Sol Ghee is hand made according to traditional Ayurvedic methods – made from 100% certified organic unsalted butter sourced from New Zealand grass fed cows.  Non GMO, totally natural free from additives, colours, preservatives, and is paleo friendly.

Organic Spelt Licorice


This certified organic spelt licorice is a must-have for all licorice lovers. It is made using spelt flour instead of wheat flour and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.This black licorice contains real ground licorice root in combination with star anise oil to create a flavoursome confectionery treat.

Organic White Quinoa


Organic quinoa is a gluten-free grain that is rich in essential amino acids, vitamin B2, E and A, and contains more iron than any other grain. Quinoa is one of the only known grains that provide all the essential amino acids needed by the human body.

Organic Wholewheat Couscous


Organic wholewheat couscous is made using whole wheat durum flour and water. It is partially cooked making it very quick and easy to prepare at home. It is great in salads, stuffings or as a side dish.

PUR Aspartame-Free Gum


The PUR Company is the number one seller of aspartame-free gum. With multiple flavours available, the natural, sugar-free flavours will enliven your taste buds!

The Carob Kitchen Organic Carob Kibble Nibbles


The Australian organically grown carob is nothing but pure carob bean. Named after the machine that removes the seed from the husk, The Carob Kitchen Kibble Nibbles are a healthy, sweet, chewy snack. They make a great lunchbox snack or a healthy snack on the run.

The Little Organic Co. Cotton Tote Bag


Spoil yourself with our signature logo black and white cotton tote bag! Spacious enough to carry your weekly market shop, kid's bits and pieces or fold it up and keep it as a spare, this tote is a must-have. Plastic bags are out and reusable cotton totes are in!