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EveryMite Super Spread


EveryMite is a nutrient dense, unprocessed and allergy-friendly super spread. It contains high quality, organic ingredients that are kept in their raw state to maintain nutritional value.

Fodbods Banana Peanut Butter Bars – 50g


The newest addition to the delicious Fodbods health bar range – Banana Peanut Butter Bars! Imagine spreading creamy peanut butter on a sweet ripe banana then topped with crunchy peanut bits. That’s exactly what these taste like and they are DELICIOUS!

Fodbods Chocolate Mint Bars – 30g


If you love mint slice, you will be obsessed with the Fodbods choc mint bars – all the indulgence, no stress and zero guilt! Fodbods have combined a bunch of healthy ingredients to create a delicious protein bar that’s perfect for that cheeky afternoon snack.

Fodbods Lemon Coconut Bars – 50g


Close your eyes, it’s like biting into a lemon slice…the tangy lemon is refreshing and pairs perfectly with the sweet coconut chips. You’ll be surprised at how much you will love this tasty, healthy treat!

Fodbods Raspberry Coconut Bars – 30g


The Raspberry Coconut Fodbods are to-die-for! They’re fruity and sweet, made from smooth almond butter, real organic raspberries and flavoursome coconut chips. It’s lucky they’re mini because you won’t be able to stop at one…

GF Oats Australia Anzac Biscuits


Gloriously Free Oats Anzac biscuits were created specifically to honour those who follow special dietary restrictions, using two of the hottest ingredients on the market at the moment, GF Oats and Banana Flour.

Global Organics Chickpeas


Global Organics source Italian grown organic chickpeas with no added salt. One of the most popular vegetarian food, chickpeas are delicious eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews or mashed into a paste called hummus. They can also be added to marinated vegetables and made part of an antipasto dish.

Global Organics Organic Black Beans


Global Organic Black Beans are a great source of protein and fibre. They contain no added sugar, colour, flavours or preservatives and are GMO-free. Global Organic Black Beans are full-flavoured and delicious when added to Mexican and Latin American cooking.

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Global Organics Organic Borlotti Beans


Global Organic Borlotti Beans are a non-GMO, low GI source of protein and fibre containing no sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours or preservatives. Plump and creamy, this classic Italian bean is hugely nutritious and delicious in soups, tossed with pasta and casseroles.

Global Organics Organic Mixed Bean Salad


The organic bean mix is a delicious blend of beans that are perfect for a salad, casserole, chilli or soup.  Packed with goodness, this versatile blend provides a natural source of protein and fibre. Free from GMOs, artificial flavours, preservatives or firming agents.

Global Organics Strong Dijon Mustard


Global Organics Strong Dijon Mustard is smooth and deliciously full-flavoured. Fantastic for cooking in sauces, salad dressings or all on its own! Dijon is a traditional French style of mustard, mild and creamy it lends itself to a variety of uses. Mustard will thicken dressings, add piquancy to sauces and marinades but also depth of flavour to savoury dishes like stews and soups. Add a dollop to dips, coleslaw, marinades or toss veggies in mustard and maple before roasting. It’s also great on a snag hot from the barbie.