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Very Vanilla Australian Vanilla Paste


Very Vanilla Australian Vanilla Paste is gently brewed for a top of the range taste. Finely ground vanilla encapsulates the oils, flavour and seeds from the whole bean, and is blended with vanilla extract and sugar syrup.

Watersteps Organic Taco Shells


The perfect accompaniment for a family Mexican meal. Organic taco shells made to a traditional Mexican recipe, made from only organic corn flour (GMO Free). No colours, no preservatives, nothing artificial. Gluten-free and absolutely delicious.

Well & Good Gluten Free Plain Flour


Well and Good’s gluten free plain flour is the answer for all your gluten free baking creations and favourite recipes. This flour is extremely popular in bakeries around Australia and is a best seller. It is made with a special blend of ingredients to perform just like wheat based flours.



Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is produced from hard wood sources, predominantly Birch and Beech. It looks and tastes the same to sugar and is interchangable in recipes – the only difference is a subtle minty aftertaste.